"....have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Friday, November 18, 2011


Miracles do happen
They happen everyday
In every way
In Jan, feb, March  and May
They happen,
In the most unusual of forms
Beating all norms
Making a way out of nothingness
No matter what the mess
They are happening,
In every second, every moment of our lives
Whether you believe it or not
They happen,
If you really want it
Right there,
From the very bottom of your heart
Trust in it
Believe blindly
When you want something badly
The whole universe,
Conspires to give us just that
It’s as simple as that
Miracles are waiting to happen,
In your life
Only if you let it
Only if you give it the opportunity
Only if you dare believe in miracles
And you can’t just sit there
And wait for it to come to you
You’ve got to give back selflessly
Without any expectations
Work hard to be excellent at what you do
Success will come knocking at your door!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A view within
the soul sleeps in
peaceful, serene..

A lush of calm
Sweeps over in psalms
Tranquil, unseen..

A thoughtful trickle
Flows into life
Beautiful, unknown..

A suppressed stifle
Cloaked in disguise
Artful, disowned..

A path well worn
Point’s to horizon
Blissful, pretty..

A spell adorns
Like magical amazon
Soulful, witty..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just wondering...

If you weren’t here today
Breaking bread; making toast
Where else would you be?
Raking head; crossing coasts

If you weren’t this old
Crossing legs; dreadful boasts
How young were you?
Drinking pegs; thinking ghosts

If you hadn’t failed
Making faces; shedding tears
How would you recognize success?
Taking paces; gulping beers

If this path you hadn’t taken
Pleasing people; forcing smiles
Would you have followed your heart’s desire?
Chasing tweeple; making piles

If you had never broken up
Being nice; breaking hearts
Would you know true love?
Much more wise; playing the right parts

If you weren’t slogging night and day
Pulling socks; tying ties
Would you be bungee jumping?
Over rocks; tasting pies

If you were not earning just this much
Listening Shakira; dreaming big
Would you be a millionaire?
Drowning tequilas; taking digs

If you weren’t moonstruck
Singing songs; moaning wrongs
Would you be starstruck?
Earning dollars; lifting collars

If you had lived a perfect life
Racing cars; raking galleons
Will you have ever learnt?
Braving scars, life’s true medallions?

Dear god...

Of all the winds
That blow
Is there one?
That my way will go?

For every breeze
Rustling it’s way
Amongst the trees
Will there be one?
That unto me will sway?

In every cuckoo’s call
Floating through the air
During every fall
Is there ever one?
Meant for me to care?

As the leaves busy bustle
On hearing the bird’s sound
That sit on their branches and rustle
Could there be one?
That falls for me unto the ground?

In every lashing wave
That the shores get hit
Will it be me you’ll save?
From every obstacle grave?

Through every sun’s beam
The dust sparkles in it’s ray
Shining upon a timeless dream
Will it be me?
Who’ll get showered with your magical spray?

From every thought divine
Which journeys through crossroads
A path, I see shine
Is that the one?
That’ll lead me through this episode?

For every love
Yearns to fill you to the brim
Yet you need shove
Is this the destiny?
To which you want me to swim?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What you feel unto me
Is what I feel unto you
For what you never see
Is what I was meant to do

A pearl?
A diamond?
What exactly is it?
Close your eyes and quietly sit
You’ll carve your treasure as you see fit

If not for now
Then will it be tomorrow?
You’ll manifest your love
Unto me free of any sorrow?

I have waited long
Yet I know you’ll come
I know I won’t be wrong
To say it’s through your heart 
You’ll seek me from

The moon’s up high
The tides are lashing
It’s time I need buy
To hold you from crashing

Shiny and bright
Is not all am made of
Shimmery and tight
You think of me and scoff

You need know this
I’ve been yours always
With one golden kiss
You can summon me to the surface

I can feel your pace
Getting closer and closer
It’s your only race
You dare dread being a loser

You cannot resist
Neither your dreams or destiny
Coz that’s what persists
Inspite of your screams or lustiny

Believe in me
Make me yours
Trust in me
Above everything you’ll soar

A l’il faith is all I ask
As bright as gold you’ll shine
T’is in endless glory you’ll bask
As long as you are mine.

Friday, August 26, 2011


At the edge
Eagerly, she waited
To flap out her wings
To fly over the mountain ledge

On a broken window sill
Listening, she sat
To the sounds of worthy prey
To swoop down on her kill

Over the tree tops
Elegantly, she flew
To where the winds took her
To move on till her heart stops

On a brambled bush
Momentarily, she perched
To feel the cool breeze
To lift up with a l’il jerky push

Deep in the woods
Her soulmate, she found
To love she surrendered
To rise high above earthly goods

Inside the nest
Together, they built
To hold on to one another
To dream of the very best

Come spring
The flowers bloom
She cuddles her babies
Beneath her feathered wing

The time has come
They are ready to fly
She heaves a heavy sigh
Knowing she has to let go of some

It’s a beautiful scene
As they embrace
Eager to fly out
It’s a wonder
What such love could mean

And now she waits
Looking out into the deep blue sky
To start life anew
Even though she had to part with a few!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deep Within

For the life that beckons
Far beyond I reckon

A single beautiful thought
Changes everything
Not a penny here
Or one there
With which it can be bought!

There’s a single beautiful mind
It’s always been there
For you to look inside to find
Instead of everywhere
For every wish to come true
Believe in the magic
That you brew!

A single beautiful song
Helps you connect the pieces
Might have taken long
Without leaving behind any traces
Your own way you pave
Through every obstacle grave
Like a rock
That made you stumble
At every block
You moved on more humble
You pick it up and hold on tight
Till you see your way forward light!

A single beautiful feeling
Renders life a new meaning
“I can” or “I cannot” say you might
In the end you shall realise
That you were always right
For want of a belief
You’ve got to turn over a new leaf
For want of a goal
You’ve got to look within your own soul
For want of a wish
You’ve always had the power within you to unleash!

For want of your dreams
Live life with gratitude
For then there will be nothing
That you cannot achieve
No matter what the magnitgude!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Imagination creates reality
Feelings build life
Belief gives life to life
But faith can move mountains!

Happiness begets happiness
Love given returns back multiplied
Joy radiates abundance
But faith can move the universe!

Gratitude is everything
‘Thank you’ is magical
Feeling good is beautiful
But faith is magnificent!

Strength ushers you forward
Goals help you visualize
Destination drives you
But faith makes you achieve!

Friendship lasts forever
Family sticks to you
Prayer inspires you
But faith always exists!

Stumbling now and then
Teaches you life’s biggest lessons
Realizations come from failure
But faith never knows how to fail!

Focus attracts right thinking
Passion fires you up
Dedication brings confidence
But it’s FAITH and FAITH alone that makes all the difference!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crossing over

I wake up
from a shattered dream
so pure, so real
i close my eyes
one more time
searching for the truth
amongst the lies
looking deep into memory lane
further and further
through darkened spaces
unknown faces
if only I could find
what every beat of my heart seeks
down deep in my mind…
as the forgotten past
rewinds so fast
like it’ll everlast
through a play
with a magical cast
Salty drops peek out of
the eye
run down hastily
with every breathless sigh
….a dream it was
                    just a dream……
i open my eyes
one last time
the world hasn’t changed
it’s the same blue sky
the same ol’ sun
i see no difference
for, maybe
it had forever changed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Silent whispers

A distant call
From far far away and yet so near
I can’t see it but only hear
The silent whispers
There’s a song inside my soul
I write over and over again
Till it makes me feel whole
Like the passing wind
I can so feel but not hear
The silent whispers
I’ll always remember
Like it lasted forever
And ended so soon
A journey of faith and hope
I close my eyes and pray to find
The strength to cope
Standing all by myself
Holding onto the reigns of life
Calling out to
The silent whispers
Sing to me the song of my dreams
As I drive back time
I give u my destiny
And hold my hands together and pray
To be only yours I pray
Through every silent whisper!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It’s not when you are not here that it hurts so much…
It’s when I know you’ll always be there…and yet….
Like water slipping through my fingers…
The harder I try to hold on….
The faster you seem to slip away…
You are not mine to keep….
I am not yours to weep…
Like every measured heartbeat….
It hurts so deep….
I dare not say anymore…not today…nor tomorrow…
Coz every second spent in your presence was mine to reap…..
I try and reach out …..
But empty space is all that I can feel about….
A simple wish…..
Seems to have been washed away in an early swish…
It’s been long gone now….
With every memory imprinted like a rock…
I graciously walked away with a bow….
But you’ve left with me a key for which there exists no lock....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Every single day begins with light..
A dream broken by a thousand shards of light...
There's a simple wish that yearns to soar like a bird in flight...
A calling from deep within no matter what the plight...
A wordless whisper echoes the pounding heartbeat of a breathless sight...
Not a single answer to tell what's wrong from right...
Like the brave warrior's worthless fight...
As the battleground's cry resonates through the night...
A pitiless hope swells from within so tight..
Inspite of realising what could or what might...
Transcend beyond the depths of black or white..!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A pretty life.....

Across the velvety ocean’s tides
Over the mountains and beneath the ground
Life sprouts open from all sides
Mirroring reflections, escaping no bound!

Empowering a fresh new life
A new beginning and a whole new day
A recourse from the past for an early strife
Pounding heartbeat leading yet another way!

Spread beyond the sunlight’s reach
A bit here and a little over there
Cascading through without a breach
A pity it can’t be everywhere!

As the bell across the border tolls
Words spoken and pleasant phases
Come surging over translucent falls
Pouring into wide open spaces!

Pure magnificence if one can describe
With dotted ‘I’s and crossed ‘T’s
It’s not a book you can subscribe
Unless the pages run an infinite spree

A mere touch makes you feel alive
Beyond comparison and a breathless sigh
Only ‘HE’ knows if you’ll survive
True life with an all time high!